Shake it up

Although I love inventing cocktails and seeing people enjoy what I’ve created, I hate public speaking and generally being the focus of attention. So I had mixed feelings last year when, as the main event at our Christmas party, I was challenged to a ‘shake off’ with the other founders of the The London Cocktail Society. On balance, I’d have more happily downed a bottle of Master of Malts’ 100,000 Scovilles – Naga Chilli Vodka. In one. Continue reading


Introducing The Rumpy

The Rumpy

Before going to HIX as mentioned in my last post, I had arranged to meet my sister at the Social (I’ve frequented this friendly joint since my teens – out of loyalty and kindness I won’t be reviewing their drinks). She was late as usual so I couldn’t help listening in on the conversations around me and overheard this:

“Have you ever had my special drink?”
“No. What, you invented a drink?”
“Yeah, I can’t believe you’ve never had it, never had a Rumpy? Rum and cider mate, I tell you its dangerous” Continue reading