Inamo St James

The bar at Inamo

The bar at Inamo

So far, I’ve spent most of my year lurking happily in London’s proliferation of Prohibition-style bars, so it was nigh upon surreal to step into the glowing, neon landscape that is Inamo St James. I use the word landscape advisedly, as with brightly lit clumps of bamboo and a garden growing up the back wall there is a pronounced outdoorsy feel to the design.

This is the second branch of the oriental fusion restaurant and although the menu is more or less the same as the original in Wardour Street, it differs considerably in decor. The main change is that the bar area seems very much part of the restaurant and unless you can bagsy a bar stool, its seating hardly encourages a prolonged stay (see photo above). Continue reading


Champagne: a drink for all seasons

Elderflower champagne cocktail

Elder flower champagne cocktail

As the festive season careers towards us, I thought it a good time to post some recipes for champagne cocktails. The Classic Champagne cocktail (brandy,  sugar cube, Angostura bitters, champagne) is a great favourite of mine as its easy to make with a rich aromatic flavour – great in the winter. Apparently we Brits drink so many of these at this time of year, that we were a major factor in the Great Angostura Drought last January – basically we snaffled the last of the supplies just in time for Christmas…. Continue reading