Down Mexico way

Mexico's #1 selling Mezcal

As a freelancer I don’t get to go on holiday as much as I’d like, so I love it when generous friends and relatives bring me back souvenirs from  abroad – it’s a breath of exotic climes in a gift bag. On the down side, it was always a toss-up whether I’d be given an objet d’art or an objet dire. Continue reading


The Analgesic

The analgesic

LCS' patented ladypain cure


There are times in a woman’s life when a cocktail isn’t merely a pleasure but a downright necessity. A cold Martini on a Friday night to wash away the working week, a late-night Old Fashioned for drowning sorrows and shattered dreams or a pre-party French 75 to  put you in the mood.  Continue reading


At certain points in life it’s necessary to look yourself squarely in the eye and ask,  ‘What sort of person am I? Am I a people pleaser or do I follow the beat of my own drum? Am I the kind of person who follows the landslide of public opinion or are my principles like a rock, a steady foundation that never crumbles?’

And if the answer is not to your liking, exactly how do you go about restoring your self-esteem? Continue reading