A Highland Ramble


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a drinks writer in possession of a blog must be in want of free stuff from PR companies. Maybe so, but I have felt obligated in the past to create drinks with less than high-calibre freebies after rashly accepting them, So now, I try not to accept samples unless I feel I’d try them out anyway. Yes, I know that’s still swampy moral ground but whatever helps me sleep. Luckily, my latest offer was something there had been good buzz about – a bottle of Caorunn gin. Continue reading


Lab it up

LAB bar in Soho

Tonight I took a friend to a screening of Chris Morris’ Four Lions – it was pretty darn funny by the way, although I’m not usually a fan of Morris’ oeuvre. A Jihadist tragicomedy obviously needs a thorough discussing afterwards and preferably somewhere loud and buzzy to offer cover for any controversial statements. So, being in the heart of Soho, we popped in to Lab (London Academy of Bartenders). Continue reading