A Highland Ramble


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a drinks writer in possession of a blog must be in want of free stuff from PR companies. Maybe so, but I have felt obligated in the past to create drinks with less than high-calibre freebies after rashly accepting them, So now, I try not to accept samples unless I feel I’d try them out anyway. Yes, I know that’s still swampy moral ground but whatever helps me sleep. Luckily, my latest offer was something there had been good buzz about – a bottle of Caorunn gin. Continue reading


The Scullery Maid

Marigold tea

Marigold tea

As  mentioned in earlier posts, I had little success in growing my own ingredients this year which meant I’ve had to look elsewhere for inspiration. Farmers market’s, delis, pick your own, even hedgerows have all been fruitful – excuse the pun. My latest experiments have been with the marigold-infused gin I bottled a month ago. Continue reading

Have Martini, will travel

Travel Martini Kit

Travel Martini Kit


 I’d decided last-minute to visit friends in Bristol and, having been rather extravagant lately, National Express’ advertising beguiled me into travelling by coach. So cheap, so fast… seemingly. 

Once the spell of a £5 deal had worn off, I was painfully aware that embarking on a 2.5 hour coach ride at 6pm on a Friday night was not going to constitute a TFIF moment.  Emergency measures were required to make this ordeal endurable. Continue reading

The Analgesic

The analgesic

LCS' patented ladypain cure


There are times in a woman’s life when a cocktail isn’t merely a pleasure but a downright necessity. A cold Martini on a Friday night to wash away the working week, a late-night Old Fashioned for drowning sorrows and shattered dreams or a pre-party French 75 to  put you in the mood.  Continue reading

Nile water

A Nile Water champagne cocktail

I visited a friend last week, who with a sick child and absent husband was sorely in need of cheering up. So I decanted some of my Creme de Violette to bring as a gift and picked up a bottle of champagne on the way. After all there’s nothing like a few bubbles to lift the spirits and the decadence of a champagne cocktail on a Tuesday night is a perfect antidote to ‘mumsy’ blues.

One of my favourite champagne drinks is a French 75 (gin, lemon, sugar, champagne) and as I had the Violette with me, I came up with this variation of the classic recipe. Continue reading