(Un)Happy Valentine’s Day

Cupid in his true guise

Cupid in his true guise

I’d like to make it clear that my dislike of Valentine’s Day does not stem  from my  single status. Absolutely not. No way….Well ok, maybe just a tiny bit. However, I do find the massive volume of  roseate-hued trash in the shops  genuinely offensive. I’ve only just recovered from Christmas and here  I am, plunged into another vortex of consumerism.

To make matters worse, my inbox is stuffed to bursting with bar and restaurant press releases of V-Day themed drinks and menus. I warn you, if I see one more elderflower, passion fruit or rose based champagne cocktail suggestion,  I’ll hurl something. Possibly the contents of my stomach. Continue reading


An Old Fashioned girl

Old Fashioned cocktail

Old Fashioned cocktail

Let me say this clearly – I am an Old Fashioned type of girl. Not, to my regret, in an Eartha Kitt way but because of my loyalty to this oldest and most delicious of cocktails. Continue reading

Grapefruit Moon

A Grapefruit Moon cocktail

This month’s Mixology Monday is hosted by Caskstrength and has the rather brilliant and evocative theme of Tom Waits.

Waits’ music and alcohol is one of life’s classic combinations. Listening to one without the other is like Starsky without Hutch, Cameron without Clegg, or a gin martini without an olive. Continue reading