London Cocktail Week part two


Shoreditch Town Hall

Shoreditch Town Hall

The day kicked off with the Drinks Jamboree at Shoreditch Town Hall. Lots of lovely people with lovely things to taste but Chase Raspberry liqueur was the stand-out for me. Mmm, like alcoholic jam. Continue reading


The slow drink movement

Tomato plants

Not what my tomatoes look like...

I am a terrible gardener.  So far this year I have killed two pots of lavender, one of peppermint, one of lemon verbena, three of borage and five of tomatoes.  But in spite of this floricidal rampage, I still feel an affiliation with the ‘grow your own’ school of bartending.

I will now have to rely on farmers markets, foraging, friends and Freecyclers to get fresh, local produce for infusing and home-brewing. It’s lucky then, that the most abundant time of year for foraging is fast approaching. And, serendipitously,  I also came across a new source of recipes and ideas at the Imbibe drinks show last week. Continue reading

Wham! Bam! Dishoom!

Elderflower and champagne cocktail at The Lonsdale

Elderflower and champagne cocktail at The Lonsdale

I’ve been very busy lately, what with Imbibe last week, and checking out a number of new bars and cafes.  Of these one or two really stood out. In particular, the Lonsdale relaunch was very glitzy and a lot of fun, promising a revitalised bar presence and a buzz that harks back to their glory days  a couple of years ago. Continue reading

Live from the River Room

World Class competition at the River Room

I’m seated in the rather glamorous River Room overlooking Millbank and the Thames. Excitement is mounting at the start of the UK final of the World Class cocktail competition.

Things are about to kick off with the round one, a quick-fire round of questions on drink related general knowledge. Each contestant has two lives.

Continue reading

A Balmy Day

Mint Julep

Balmy day Julep

I’ve come over all a bit southern belle today. Not the termagant, Scarlett O’ Hara-ish brand of belle – more the languid, reclining on the verandah  type. You can put it down to the weather.

According to Rum and Monkeys southern name generator, if I really were a southern belle I would be called Clementine Wambles. Hmmm, I kind of like that – I see Clementine as being from not one of the first families, her money comes from some low trade or her Pa invested in some shady speculations. She has impossibly long eyelashes, is considered a bit fast and people suspect she’s been known to rouge.  Continue reading