London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week logo
Today saw the start of the very first London Cocktail week. And it’s a pretty exciting first too. Up until now there hasn’t been an industry event in the UK to compare with cocktail conferences hosted in America (such as Tales of the Cocktail) and hopes are high that this will be a worthy contender. Big kudos to Simon Difford for getting this off the ground. Continue reading


Have Martini, will travel

Travel Martini Kit

Travel Martini Kit


 I’d decided last-minute to visit friends in Bristol and, having been rather extravagant lately, National Express’ advertising beguiled me into travelling by coach. So cheap, so fast… seemingly. 

Once the spell of a £5 deal had worn off, I was painfully aware that embarking on a 2.5 hour coach ride at 6pm on a Friday night was not going to constitute a TFIF moment.  Emergency measures were required to make this ordeal endurable. Continue reading

Cinco de Mayo

Ingredients for Cinco de Mayo cocktail

In England we don’t tend to take much notice of the more obscure national holidays of other countries. St Patrick’s Day, Bastille day, Fourth of July and Halloween were pretty much all we recognised until very recently.

Which is a massive shame as not only are such holidays an opportunity to find out about other cultures but a great excuse to party. And that brings me to today’s excuse – Cinco de Mayo. This day commemorated the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla but is now more a general celebration in the U.S. of Mexican heritage and pride. Continue reading


Boho in East Dulwich

Contrary to what you might expect, Boho is not a part of London just below Soho, but a small neighbourhood bar in East Dulwich. I ventured there last night on a quest – not the kind where brave deeds win fair lady, although a certain degree of bravery was in fact involved. No, after a few weeks of extravagance I was on a quest to see if I could get a decent drink during happy hour and I was going to do it locally. Continue reading