The perfect Martini

The Colony Room Club in Soho

In The Philadelphia Story, an inebriated Jimmy Stewart describes drinking whisky as a slap on the back and champagne as heavy mist before the eyes. In the same vein, I’ve always thought of a good Martini as having your socks pulled up. From your insides. Continue reading


In the beginning there was…

William Powell in The Thin Man

…the Martini. And that’s where my obsession with cocktails originally began.

Missing school one afternoon to watch The Thin Man, I was transfixed by the film’s sophistication, glamour and most of all by its reckless drinking. The debonair William Powell and Myrna Loy solve a murder in between Martini-drinking bouts and trading witticisms, ably assisted by Skippy the fox terrier (my all time favourite stalwart of screwball comedy). Never again will dipsomania seem so aspirational. Continue reading