A higher Plateau

Plateau's bar area

Plateau's bar area

It’s not often I find myself in Canary Wharf but when I do, I relish its relentless modernity. With glittering glass towers and well-dressed denizens, it’s an entire other city to the begrimed and altogether more historic patch of London I call home – a visit always makes me feel as if I’d gone on holiday.

And of course, an essential part of being on holiday is relaxing over a well-made cocktail. As Canary Wharf is not teeming with bijou drinking dens, it’s always a relief to discover somewhere you can get a top-notch Martini. And when that Martini is served up with a stunning view of Canada Square and minus hordes of City suits, as it is at Plateau Bar and Grill, I’m even happier.

I first discovered Plateau last year  on being invited to attend a cocktail  masterclass run by Zoran Peric. I turned up on a day when the snow had crippled public transport, only to discover the class had been cancelled. However, I didn’t much  care due to the aforementioned Martini,  which was dry as a bone, huge and accompanied by three meaty queen olives.

Zoran in action at the Plateau Bar

Zoran in action

The rescheduled class covered basic techniques, top tips, classic recipes and a hands-on competition. It was a good night but designed for novices and those looking for a fun alternative evening, possibly as corporate team building, rather than an intensive learning experience. The competition part of the night involved splitting the group into teams and then choosing from a hat what our base spirit was and what style of drink we were to make.

Frankly, our team got lucky with gin and Martini-style. I’ve given the recipe below – the name gives a nod to the bar’s postcode and the  oriental influences of our ingredients.

Eastern 14

Spot the winning drink

Spot the winning drink

3 Plymouth gin
3 fresh squeezed orange juice
1 lychee liqueur
1 Mandarin Napoleon (or Grand Marnier)
1 sugar syrup
Sliced fresh ginger
quarter Lime

Muddle ginger and lime in a mixing glass. Add gin, orange, lychee liqueur, Mandarin Napoleon, sugar syrup and shake well. Garnish with a spiral of lime.


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