The Scullery Maid

Marigold tea

Marigold tea

As  mentioned in earlier posts, I had little success in growing my own ingredients this year which meant I’ve had to look elsewhere for inspiration. Farmers market’s, delis, pick your own, even hedgerows have all been fruitful – excuse the pun. My latest experiments have been with the marigold-infused gin I bottled a month ago.

I was buying tea from Algerian Coffee Stores in Old Compton Street at the beginning of the summer and spotted some dried marigold flowers, which I thought would be rather nice with gin. As it turned out, the flavour was quite camomile-y which is much easier to find and, although it lacks the colour and complexity of flavour the marigold gives, a camomile gin (or syrup) would make an acceptable substitute.

I wanted to use this deep-saffron coloured gin in an original recipe and luckily didn’t have to think too hard for an idea. The first association I had was ‘marigolds’ and ‘rubber gloves’ swiftly followed by ‘green fairy liquid ‘ with ‘absinthe’ . A dash of egg white for ‘suds’ and I had a washing-up themed cocktail.

The unappetising connotations amused me so I served it up to some friends a few weeks later. We agreed it was a very complex drink with its aniseed and herbal notes and probably not to everyone’s taste. However if you like Chartreuse (I think substituting the absinthe for yellow Chartreuse would be an interesting experiment) this would  probably be a winner.

Scullery Maid

A Scullery Maid cocktail

A Scullery Maid cocktail

1 gin
1 marigold-infused gin
1 lemon juice
1 simple syrup
Egg white

Shake first five ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Strain into a glass rinsed with Absinthe – I wouldn’t add a garnish as it spoils the ‘suds’ effect.


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