Have Martini, will travel

Travel Martini Kit

Travel Martini Kit


 I’d decided last-minute to visit friends in Bristol and, having been rather extravagant lately, National Express’ advertising beguiled me into travelling by coach. So cheap, so fast… seemingly. 

Once the spell of a £5 deal had worn off, I was painfully aware that embarking on a 2.5 hour coach ride at 6pm on a Friday night was not going to constitute a TFIF moment.  Emergency measures were required to make this ordeal endurable.  

Luckily, I’d recently attended the relaunch of Callooh  Callay’s Jub Jub bar and received a goody bag containing a single serve martini kit. With icy cold and crystal clear cocktail in hand, I was more than able to face the inevitable rush hour delays with fortitude.  

To make a martini on the hoof you will need (see disclaimer at foot of page):  

  • 50ml gin
  • 25ml vermouth and orange bitters
  • Plastic travel bottle(s) to contain above liquids
  • Plastic Martini glass (or a well-wrapped glass one)
  • Cup of ice from fast food joint of your choice (ask for in conjunction with a bottle of water for guaranteed results) with lid and straw
  • A hard back book
Martini mid mix

Martini mid mix


1.  Place hardback book on spare coach seat or on your knees. Set remaining  items on book. 
2. Remove lid from cup and pour in gin and vermouth mix.
3. Using straw, stir until required coldness achieved. About 30 seconds usually.
4. Use lid to strain your martini into drinking vessel.
5. Drink with a superior air while casting pitying glances on your fellow travellers’ Starbucks coffee.  

Martini on the coach

Martini on the coach


DISCLAIMER: I was unaware of the following ‘General conditions of carriage’ regulation when I followed the above procedure. making a big song and dance about taking a photo of the finished drink.  With hindsight, I’d advise taking a seat near the back: 

[It is forbidden to….]
8.1 Take on to any coach, or into any station, any alcoholic drinks or drugs (other than medicines) for the purpose of consuming them, or consume them on any coach or in any station.


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