Celery Martini

Celery Martini

Celery Martini (in the bath)


I recently bought some celery bitters for a  clear Bloody Mary Martini recipe I’m developing. I’m still waiting for the other components to mature ( horseradish vodka and black pepper vodka – sadly the home-grown tomatoes fell victim to high winds and my total neglect),  so in the meantime had to find an alternative way of giving them a  road test.  

Which led me to remember an idea I’d had in the past – a celery martini. It’s been nagging at me for a while, despite initially dismissing it as being a little too offbeat. Also, although its watery, celery has a strong flavour which I thought might be hard to balance. In the end  a little lemon juice was all it took, which had a visual bonus of lightening the surprisingly murky juice.  

As you can’t buy celery juice, a little effort is needed in prepping this drink but if you fancy a quirky, sophisticated alternative to your usual evening Martini then this makes a pleasant change on a summer’s night.  

Celery Martini

2 gin
1 celery juice
1/2 lemon juice
Few dashes Lillet Blanc
Few dashes celery bitters  

Stir all ingredients in a beaker of ice until well chilled. Strain into Martini glass that has been half rimmed with celery salt. Add celery leaf garnish or twist of lemon peel (I actually used a parsley leaf in the photo as I was making these up at a friends and had left my celery leaves at home…).  

Tip: If you don’t have a juicer just whizz up the celery in a blender then strain the pulp through muslin. Celery darkens quickly on being pulped so use immediately.


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