A ‘Go Defoe Sloe-jito’

Jermain Defoe in action

Jermain Defoe

Grrr, my ISP has been giving me hassle, hence the lack of online activity recently.

In spite of that, I just had to quickly post this tribute to the hero of the World Cup hour,  Jermain Defoe. After all, we need to celebrate while we can.

Here’s to you, Jermain Defoe.  For the purposes of assonance, I just wish your name was Joe…

A ‘Go Defoe Sloe-jito’

3 white rum
1 lime quartered
1 Phillips alcoholic white peppermint cordial (or White Creme de Menthe)
1 Sloe Gin

Muddle the lime quarters with the peppermint cordial in a highball glass. Add the rum and top with crushed ice and stir. Trickle over the sloe gin and garnish with a mint sprig.

Tips: If you don’t have peppermint cordial or creme de menthe, substitute fresh mint leaves and simple syrup. You can also substitute creme de cassis or creme de mure for the Sleo Gin.

(Photo to come once normal service resumed)


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