Strawberry Mundae

Strawberry Mundae cocktail

Strawberry Mundae cocktail

Some sayings become so familiar with time that you forget what their real meaning is. They’re just neat, little soundbites to employ when you want to be ironic or can’t be bothered with thinking up something original.

But sometimes an old phrase harmonises with life events and the truth behind the cliché is apparent. And just lately that old trope ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ has been harmonising  with me a lot.

You see, I’m going through something of a dry spell workwise and the savings are starting to dwindle. But people will keep on having birthdays and parties and opening new bars and in order not to be left behind I have to get a little creative.

For example, I’ve been making birthday presents from what’s in my cupboard. Grabbing a handful of lavender from the garden and an old lemon from the fridge  I came up with some seriously tasty Lemon and Lavender Shortbread.  Another friend got a plate of cupcakes with flavourings from the cocktail cabinet – creme de Violette in one batch and rose syrup in another.

The latest test came when a friend popped in with a bad case of Monday blues and in need of a cheer-up. With practically nothing to offer in the way of hospitality, I still managed to put together this cooling concoction from bits left in the fridge and dregs from previous experiments.

It may not be a cure for clinical depression but I defy anyone not to get a lift with a pink and pretty glass of Strawberry Mundae in hand.

Strawberry Mundae

50 ml vanilla vodka
6 ripe strawberries, chopped
6 sticks of cucumber
sugar syrup

Muddle strawberries, cucumber and syrup in a shaker. Add ice and vodka and shake. Pour into cocktail glass and garnish with strawberries and mint.

Tip: Turn this into a truly lovely long drink suitable for a hot summer afternoon by adding more cucumber and 25 ml strawberry liqueur. Pour over crushed ice and top up with Prosecco. Garnish with mint.


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