The Charles H Baker collection

Charles H Baker and Ernest Hemingway

Charles H Baker was a bon vivant, flaneur, writer and, I suspect, something of a chancer. He became famous for his hybrid travel and culinary/cocktail writings and is now mostly remembered for his collection of these articles, The Gentleman’s Companion.

This is currently not available online, so I’ve collated all the features, extracts and recipes referring to Baker, his books, articles and recipes that I could find. If you know of any other resources please add them to the comments below.

Nowadays his recipes often get a bad rep and though it’s clear a lot of what he writes is outdated, a few simple tweaks and updates should make most of these usable.

Irrespective of how good the recipes are, Baker put together a collection that was almost unique in its breadth of inspiration and by doing so also captured a time of glamour and privilege long gone. I defy anyone not to be inspired on reading this man’s work, if not to make one of his drinks, then to create your own – or to hop on a boat to the furthest flung place you can think of in search of your own discoveries and adventures.

Articles and extracts

Recipe round up

Cover of The Gentleman's Companion (courtesy of The Tipsy Texan)

Many of these sites include not just recipes but anecdotes and extracts from his books.

These three links contain a number of recipes so I’ve listed the names below but included the link only once (so you dont have to keep on clicking through to the same site).

Absinthe cocktails on the Wormwood Society
Collection on Loungerati
Collection on The Atlantic Magazine


One thought on “The Charles H Baker collection

  1. suis Armos etudiant universitaire en Republique Dominicaine je veux avoir une comunication ecrite ou verbale avec monsieur Charles Henry baker candidat a la presidence ……le fait nous sommes mobilises ici juste pour l’appuiyer ou bien faites nous contactes par la comission de campagne …..gracias

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